Buyer Buy Back Program

Buyer Buy Back Program also know as the BBBP Program allows a customer of Water and Energy Solutions LLC whom has originally purchased and EHM 729 or 929 within one year to trade in the original unit purchased and upgrade to a Tyent MMP or UCE for a fraction of the retail cost. The BBBP allows for the customer to have their original investment credited toward the purchase of a Tynet Unit.

Financing Available with Payments as low as $35/mo

While this is a great opportunity to start with a lesser expensive model and eventually upgrade to a unit that offers more benefit.


EHM  729 & 929Units

Limited Warranty

Smaller Sized Units / Lesser Plates

Made in China

   Financing Available

Tyent MMP & UCE Units

LifeTime Warranty

KFDA Certified as a Medical Devise

Made in Korea

Financing as low as $35/mo