TestimonyMember Hope Eccleston:

Hello, my name is Hope Eccleston. I am a member of Water and Energy Solutions LLC.  Recently I was asked to write a testimony for the Company. At first I did not know exactly what to write or even how to write it. After conversing with many on my team, I was left with only one solution. Tell the truth. I have been apart of this Company for the last 5 years. Originally I started as an advocate for sales and service in the Solar Industry. All I wanted to do was help people become sustainable and save a buck while helping the planet. I thought, freedom. I also thought about the numerous amount of the people that struggle to “meet the bill” every month and the utilities disregard for individuals’ poverty level as well as the inconsiderate need they have to continually raise the electric rates. I wanted to do something that would make a difference. I wanted to help others.

I decided that being educated about renewable energy was something that needed to be done. So I began to learn all about solar and the industry itself. Knowledge is power and I began to learn how to export and import. During that time I also took an interest in our water supply. After all, water is essential to the environment and the human in order to sustain and maintain! Fortunately I was able to travel to various other states and was able to seen a vast difference in the way people live. I seen happy relaxed people enjoying life and I got to see stressed out, busy surviving unattached people. As time tends to ‘go bye”, I continued to learn about renewable energy and about water.

After a short while of dealing with stomach pains I decided to go to the doctor and get checked out. It appears I was having gastronomical issues. I was diagnosed with Colitis. Funny enough, right before I started seeking medical attention I had learned about Alkaline Water and Ionization. Although I did not commit to testing the theory though at first. I did continue to allow the doctors to  treat me for my condition at hand.

After almost a year of taking multiple prescriptions, two to three times a day, I started to wonder what long term effects these drugs were going to have on my organs and other parts of my body. After all one of the prescriptions I was taking clearly said not to take for a longer period than 6 months or could cause liver damage.

On the other note, several Alkaline studies I had read showed to have proven positive results for issues I was having from patients just as medically screwed as I was, at that time. So I decided to commit to drinking Alkaline Water. I installed a KFDA approved Alkaline Water Ionizer and immediately ALL pain had ceased, and I had energy I did not have before. I also experienced many other benefits such as reduced stress, a sound mind, refreshed youthful skin appearance. I felt good. Plain and simple.

I stopped taking all the medications I was prescribed and the pain and other attributes that go along with Colitis ceased. I was amazed. It has been about four years now, and I still feel great. Much better than I ever did before. Realizing I was a walking “Proof’, I decided to put serious thought and devotion into helping other people like me. Personally I feel medications are not the cure, however a water that is functional and living versus a dead, chemically filled dysfunctional water is of need to the human population. Other wise the human will not be able to sustain and live a healthy lifestyle. Our communities are made up of people, and my mission is to help others get the resources necessary to life a better quality of life.

Can you imagine a world with out so many medical aliments? Without poverty and pollution? I truly believe in this Company and the ability and desire it has to help all people become sustainable, not just in body but in life itself.

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