Total Water Cure

Total Water Cure

Total Water Cure is sponsored by Water & Energy Solutions LLC and is proud to offer a wide array of outstanding water filtration and conditioning systems for homeowners in many cities of South Jersey. Whether you need to have a new or just upgrade your entire household water filtration system installed, you can rest assured that we have a solution for you. We have been in the industry for more than 20 years, so we have the necessary expertise to provide the upgrades, installation and repairs needed today.



Equipment We Install:

  • Water Softeners
  • Water Conditioner
  • pH Neutralizers
  • RO Systems
  • Iron & Manganese Filters
  • Carbon Back wash Filters
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Systems
  • Chlorination Systems
  • Filters & Strainers
  • Mercury Filtration System
  • Nitrate Filtration System
  • Irrigation – Rust & Stain Preventer System

Services Provided:

  • Free Water Analysis
  • Service Plans
  • RO System Maintenance
  • Professional Installation
  • Salt Deliveries
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • State Certified Well Testing

water treatment for southern new jersey


There may be more in your water than you think. Unwanted minerals, chemical compounds and other pollutants may be entering your water supply. A water filtration system will help eliminate any impurities found in your water.

Call today for a Free In Home Demo! Includes a Free Water Test and a explanation of the benefits and savings of having the piece and mind that you and your families water is safe to drink.  

Total Water Cure 1-609-704-5532

The minute you contact us, we will provide you with fast, clear and simple answers to your home water questions. With a full line of water filtration systems, we strive to provide you with the best experience possible. 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System installed for $$499.00. Includes service package for one year.




Benefits of Water Treatment:

  • Improve the quality of your water
  • Save on the cost of bottled water
  • Put an end to dry skin and dull looking hair
  • Extend the life of your pipes
  • Enhance your food and beverages
  • Save money on soaps and detergents

Why Choose A Water Filtration System ?

Improve The Quality Of Your Water

No matter how good the quality of you water source is, by the time it reaches your home, it may have picked up unwanted minerals, chemical compounds and other pollutants along the way.

If your water has a noticeable odor, color or tastes unpleasant, you can easily improve these qualities with a water filtration system.

Save On The Cost Of Bottle Water

Reverse osmosis systems provide bottled water quality water at your fingertips. It may provide peace of mind knowing that you aren’t contributing to the waste associated with producing, transporting and disposing of plastic water bottles.

Put An End To Dry Skin and Dull Looking Hair

Water treatment systems can rid the water of minerals that leave a chalky residue on your skin. Softened water also helps prevent soap and shampoo residue buildup in your hair.

Extend The Life Of Your Pipes

Treated water can help eliminate deposits that can damage pipes, shorten the life of major appliances, and restrict water flow.

Enhance Your Food and Beverages

Food and beverages prepare with treated water taste and look better. Beverages will not be cloudy and the taste of foods can be improved.

Save Money On Soaps and Detergents

Treated water creates a super sudsing action so you’ll need less soaps and shampoos for bathing and detergents for dish washing and laundry.

Why wait to enjoy the many benefits of our water systems? Water and Energy Solutions LLC offers next-day service and quicker turnaround times than the industry average. We pride ourselves not just on expedient, courteous service, but also quality results, and when you choose us to install your water system or another product, you can expect nothing less.

Enhance Your Quality Of Everyday Life

A water treatment system can prove beneficial to your health. A water treatment system can prove to be beneficial. Unwanted minerals, chemical compounds and other pollutants will be filtered from your water to ensure you are drinking purified water. Removing these impurities also protect the pipes, fixtures, and major appliances within your home. A water treatment system can save you money on repairs of these appliances and pipes as well as money spent on purchasing bottled drinking water.

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